Pentaho Report Designer

Pentaho Report Designer (PRD) is a tool to develop complex reports using various data sources. This training will teach you how to install, configure it and you step in the creation, generation and publication of reports on the decision server.

Running reports :PRD supports PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, and Text.Note that the reports are disseminated and implemented that web mode, mandatory posting date data. The reports are never distributed and executed by end users with heavy client; therefore it can not be a data refresh problem, as can be observed in other proprietary solutions.Since version 3.8 Pentaho Report Designer, report execution cache exists. This prevents re-run the query that supplies the report whenever the user chooses to "preview" the report, which greatly increases developer productivity.
The reports are defined in XML, legible and can even be manipulated by simple programming.Pentaho Report Designer is a graphical design tool similar in spirit to iReport or even Crystal Report, with the notion of "bands" for repeated areas of the page (header, group header, line , trailer, ...)Since version 1.7, PRD, now in version 3.8, has grown considerably and integrates natively in the suite with the simplified web publishing of reports designed.Upon opening a home page guides the user to the necessary steps to create the report:
A wizard, the Report Wizard enables a new connection but above all to connect to a metamodel (data dictionaries) Pentaho.
This is an important step in open source reporting tools and PRD was the first end of 2007 to allow a user to create a report without any knowledge of SQL.Several functions are also available to perform common operations such as counting of occurrences in a group or format conversion functions. These functions are presented in a theme library.

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